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How Does Peer to Peer Instant Messaging Work?

PopMessenger as one of Instant Messaging solution allows you to contact other users (or groups of users) on a Local Area Network (LAN). When you have sent a message to a user a small window opens up on the user's computer and users can then reply to your message.

Instant messaging allows you to send messages or reminders to office personnel or staff in real time. Anyone you like (Team Leader, Chief or a Subordinate Staff) you can easily send a request, report, or message to your co-workers.

» Try PopMessenger for a sample of peer to peer instant messaging.

Security Risks related to Web Instant Messaging

The majority of security concerns related to instant messaging revolve around web based instant messaging or instant messages being exchanged over the Internet. Messages can easily be intercepted, "spoofed" or modified using this means. This is of major concern to corporations who use this web based instant messaging to exchange confidential or business specific messages (security risks are significantly diminished with network based instant messaging).

The security risks while very real, are inconsequential for "chatters" and have seemed not to bother users using instant messaging for social reasons. Businesses however, are very conscious of the security risks associated with using web based instant messaging and as a result many have moved to instant messaging for local area networks.

LAN messenger & LAN chat software. Send message over network with ease.
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